Need a professional to review your personal statement?

What makes the difference between a winning personal statement that gets immediately shortlisted and the rest? That’s right, the rest sit in a tall pile next to (but not inside) the bin / shredder.

Is there any way of ensuring yours gets a serious look by the admissions team and gets you an interview?

Yes,  but you need to act quickly!

As an additional benefit to all the free content and advice here at Doc Eat Doc we’re now offering professional personal statement reviewing and editing for medical school applicants.

Many of you will know that I have been offering this service informally for a while now but have been literally snowed under with requests. (Word spreads fast!)

We are finally getting so many requests that it makes sense to offer a dedicated professional service that guarantees the following:

1. A professional review by a doctor with experience in medical education and medical student selection.

2. A point by point critique of your personal statement draft with professional editing of your sentences for grammar, content and style.

3. A guaranteed return time of 2 to 5 days.

4. Suggestions for how to improve your statements chances of making it through.

5. Key questions to expect at interview based on your statement

6. A realistic appraisal of your chances at getting through based on your statement, including honest advice and a full refund if we consider your chances to be close to zero.



For now the price is fixed at £85. This includes further reviews of your statement after further drafts where needed.

Why £85? Don’t such professional services usually cost at least twice that amount?

Well, we’re just meeting our minimal costs here, unlike other web based review services and this is why we cannot be matched by an equivalent service.

Oh and there is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.


What do previous students think?

“Just got an offer… thank you for everything, including the multiple revisions!”

“Made ALL THE DIFFERENCE, Thank you!”

“Amazing feedback”

“Very rapid turnaround” (2012 applicant)

“Completely transformed my statement!”

“Leo radically edited my statement 6 years ago and ensured I got shortlisted!”  (Current F1 doctor at BHH)

Just remember, each year many excellent candidates will fail to get an interview because their statements contain one or more critical problems.

Are you serious about getting shortlisted?
Are you feeling ready to have your personal statement professionally analysed?
Simply click below to continue.


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  • Uptil when is this service available? Is there an ‘expiry date’ for this offer? I’m guessing some of us have just started thinking about what to write on the personal statement, and we still need to write it out as of yet. Will this offer still be available in about a month’s time? Thanks

    • It will be available until our capacity for doing them runs out since we have other clinical work too. Currently things are flowing nicely but there’s always a rush in August and September and we may then have to turn people away. My advice is to hurry up and beat the traffic – get a first draft in to us asap!

  • Just wanted to say thanks, and let others know that this is the single best way to get yourself a medical school interview. Leo worked with me to get my statement sounding amazing, but in my own voice. Highly recommended!

    • Thanks for the kind words Jim.

  • Currently drafting the personal statement out for you; Leo, I tried finding an appropriate place to post this but cannot find any, so you can delete this post once you’ve answered as it is not particularly relevant to this section: I applied 3 years ago for medschool, didn’t get in due to extremely poor grades, and am now re-applying as a graduate. I am changing the entire statement as university has enriched every aspect of my application. HOWEVER, my reasons for studying medicine are exactly the same as 3 years ago, my opening paragraph is pretty good (apologies for not sounding humble) and I really don’t want to change it; is self-plagiarism tolerated on UCAS (simply for that first paragraph)?
    P.S. Informative webcast last week, well done!

    • Hi Shazmeen,
      Self plagiarism is fine! Glad you have an opening paragraph you’re happy with as it’s the bit most people really struggle with.
      Well done also on making the decision to reapply as a graduate. I’m sure that’s inspiring to others and hopefully the perseverence will really pay off.
      Good luck!


  • Hi Leo

    just a quick question, once i have submitted the first draft of the PS and its been reviewed is it possible to submit a second draft for free or would i have to pay an additional fee to do this?


    • Hi,

      The price includes second drafts.

  • great thank you for the quick reply
    wasn’t expecting one till at least tomorrow
    i shall be sending my PS asap


  • Hi there, is this service still running? I really want mine checked as I cannot find anyone at this moment of time to check my PS. Please let me know ASAP. Thank you!!

  • Leo, I have done quite a bit of work experience. I have mentioned time I spent in orthopaedics, but I got to see so much there I am having difficulty summarising it in a few words! I have focused on time spent in a club foot clinic, but I also want to mention what else I did as I don’t want it to sound like that’s all I did.
    Perhaps it’s best I just send you my statement through the service above.