Help, I haven’t got an offer for medicine yet! (And other urgent questions)


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If you have an offer already well done. Make sure you get the grades and your job will be done! The hardest part of your career is nearly over. You’re into medical school and on your way to becoming a doctor!

However, many of you aren’t quite there yet and have been emailing…


Q: Is it too late to get an interview for medical school?

A: No it isn’t! You simply haven’t been in the early batch of interviews and offers but there is still time. Perhaps you submitted your application slightly late into the season or perhaps there were many applicants with stronger applications than you this year.

There are only three things you should do.

1. Stop panicking.
2. Continue to prepare for your interview as your invitation may be in the post as you read this.
3. Continue to work on your A-levels. This is more important for your medical career than getting an interview.

Medical schools interview well into next year and some offers are given out quite late into the spring. You might need nerves of steel, but you mustn’t lose your focus.


Q: I’ve had an interview and a rejection already! Is my medical career over?

A: No! There may be further interviews around the corner. Treat the failure as practice. Work out how you can improve and make sure you use the experience to kill off any competition next time.

Q: But there are no more interviews to go!

A: If you are unlucky and there are no further interviews for you this year, you’ll be applying again next year, won’t you? The only thing you must, must do in that case is to get the very best A2 grades you can. Focus on that above all else. If there is any bandwidth left you must try and get some more work experience between now and next August. There will simply be no time to boost your medical experience after grades are published in August and therefore you must start arranging things right away. It may yet be too late for some hospitals. Hurry up and follow this advice to jump the queue!

Also think about what you’ll be doing in the gap year after A-levels. Plan ahead as this sort of stuff takes forever to organise and there is always some keen individual who is already trying to take your place!

(This is the nature of a competitive field like medicine and will continue even after you graduate!)


Q: I feel like picking an alternative career such as banking!

A: What??!

Have a good long think about why you wanted to become a doctor in the first place.

If it was about helping others and getting the satisfaction of solving real human problems, keep going. Medicine is still open and needs people like you!

If you really do think that staring at a spreadsheet into the late night whilst making lots of money is starting to look more attractive, make a clear decision and get some advice from people in the field (whatever field that might be – banking is just an example here). And when you start making some real money don’t forget to drop us a line!


Q: I’m heading towards an A-level grade disaster and can’t see how I will salvage this!

A: Get help now! Make sure any academic weaknesses are dealt with and any extenuating circumstances are documented and communicated to your teachers and admissions tutors if you already have an offer.

If you are finding a particular part of a subject difficult to deal with but the rest of the subject is fine, it may not be your fault. Ask for a different exaplanation or a different teacher to go through things with you. Get outside help, pay a tutor if you have to.

I remember struggling with certain topics which turned out to be very simple once a different teacher and a different explanation was sought out. Teachers aren’t perfect and some are better than others. Make sure you take charge of any academic problems instead of becoming a moaning victim.

Without the very best A-level grades you are making it much, much harder for yourself. This is a career emergency and you need to treat it as such!


Q: I have a different urgent question?

A: Put them in the comments and we’ll get some admissions experts to answer everything!


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  • What would you recommend doing in your gap year to really stand out from other applicants and ensure you get an interview in the next application round? And how much to do?

    • Go for something shows that you can take an initiative and explore something new. Perhaps some medical experience in a less developed country or some longer term voluntary work with an NGO. Even starting a business in a relevant area can have a huge impact on your CV. If you have a whole year to fill, make sure you have a huge amount to show for it!

  • Hi, I am applying for getting place in hospital for work experience. In my application they have asked why you are interested in Medicine. can u pls help me? I

  • Hello,
    I am a nurse (to be in about 4 months), i will be having my BSN and i’d like to know if it still possible for me to get into medschool (My grades are A’s and B’s). What should I do ?

  • Its early December and haven’t heard back from any of my medical universities. I know people who have gotten interviews in places I applied, does this mean I will not be getting one? Please help I am panicking !!