Getting into Medical School can be made easier

It is very difficult to tell one medical school applicant apart from another. These days everybody has work experience, good grades and a burning desire to be a doctor. Schools are therefore forced to devise elaborate ways of picking out the very best students.”

We are surgeons* working mainly in the NHS and involved in medical student education and medical school selection.

This website was set up to equip you to stand out above the competition.

Even the best candidates we see can make major improvements in their application and interview performance.

Every single candidate will make simple errors in the application and interview. Often these are  errors of presentation, language and insight.

These factors are the reason why you hear about excellent candidates getting rejected and weaker candidates getting in.

The stuff we tell you about at DocEatDoc.com seems obvious to us. However it simply is NOT taught by any careers services or any of the expensive courses available.

To us this is  just some basic knowledge gained from our experience, which included on the articles and tutorials here.

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Remember, 90% of candidates are doing exactly the same things to get into medical school. Some of them will undoubtedly fail.

We are confident that we have the tools and advice to help you see off the competition in an increasingly cut throat environment.


Why do you want to be a doctor


Career advice after you get in
Furthermore, we have planned career advice from practicing doctors, because once you get into medical school, you still need to plan to be ahead of your competitors when you graduate.

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Happy reading and good luck!




*This might explain why we believe in getting straight to the solution as quickly as possible, with minimal effort and no drama..
Just read some of our articles and see what we mean.